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Best Steering Wheel Covers for your Car Online in Pakistan

Decorating your car interior is as essential as detailing the exterior because it enhances the aesthetics and gives a sense of comfort and an uplifting feel. A steering wheel cover is an integral part of the interior decoration, making the decor complete and perfect while providing safety to the original steering beneath. So, if you are excited enough to buy a steering wheel cover for your beloved car, we are sharing with you the best steering wheel covers trending in Pakistan that are comfy and cost-effective. But before moving on to the list, let us know a little more about what a steering wheel is, what it is made of, and what it does.

So, a steering wheel cover is an accessory used to make driving more comfortable and protect the steering wheel from dirt, stains, scratches, and fading. It is also good to install if the steering wheel is in a not-so-good position, i.e., has scratches or gone through some wear and tear during normal usage. Moreover, certain types of steering wheel covers can endure extreme weather like hot, cold, humid, and dreary weather, which is a great feature, especially when driving in a country like Pakistan – a land with extreme weather conditions.

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Types of Steering Wheel Covers:

Like other car accessories, steering wheel covers are of different types and available in a wide range of materials so that you can choose according to your comfort and driving conditions. 


The most popular material type used in Pakistan for steering wheels is leather. It can be genuine leather or a mix with other materials to improve the quality and durability. Besides its great temperature adjustability, the reason behind its being so popular is its excellent wheel grip and steering safety. It’s only drawback is that it gets malodorous and frail after a few months of use. 


Suede, the second among best choices for steering wheel covers, provides terrific hold and soft feel while offering adaptation to temperature and being cost-effective at the same time, but is not so durable and wears out quickly. 


Some online platforms sell Sheepskin covers that are an excellent choice for driving in cold weather as they are warm, porous, and bactericidal. 

Other types of covers popular in Pakistan include Faux Leather (artificial leather + suede leather), Plastic, Carbon Fiber, and Microfiber.

Top 10 Car Steering Wheel Covers: 

Here are some of the best Car Steering Wheel Covers available in Pakistan:

1. Steering Cover (Brown And Beige)

Are you looking for a simple steering cover that matches your car’s interior theme? Steering Cover (Brown And Beige) is the best choice. Made of the finest leather, the product is anti-corrosive and protects against UV rays. The dark shade of the steering cover ensures maximum safety against dirt, sweat, and stains, while the soft leather texture improves grip and lessens hand fatigue.

2. Steering Cover (Black And Brown)

Sophisticated and classy, Black And Brown Steering wheel cover is an excellent choice for giving your car interior a sober look. Its high-quality leather material provides an outstanding grip on the wheel and protection from sun damage. The installation is easy and can be done manually. Also, the Steering Cover (Black And Brown) price is very affordable, only Rs 970!

3. Steering Cover (Grey And Black)

Tired of those slippery steering covers that make driving difficult? This Steering Cover (Grey And Black) is created exclusively to provide supreme grip on the steering. Its bumpy rubber texture makes keeping hold of the steering effortless so that you can enjoy a tension-free drive. The color scheme of grey and black is fabulous and gives the interior a modern look. It is also temperature-regulative and cost-effective.

4. Steering Cover (Black With Gold Pattern)

Give your car interior a touch of luxury with the finest quality fabric-made Steering Cover (Black With Gold Pattern). The criss-cross gold pattern offers a thorough grip on the wheel and a personalization tint. The product requires an easy manual installation at a budget-friendly price.

5. Steering Cover (Black With Grey Pattern)

Tilted grey stripes on a black background, Steering Cover (Black With Grey Pattern) is a good match for any interior car theme. The product is exquisitely fabricated with premium quality material and is dust and stain-resistant. Moreover, the pattern on the cover provides excellent grip and ensures smooth driving – the perfect choice for long trips. 

6. Steering Cover (Gold Velvet)

Personalize your car interior with the opulent Gold Velvet Steering Cover. It provides a smooth and velvety texture that feels comfy to the touch. With the strips of black, the cover texture is ragged, which makes moving the wheel easier. It prevents various contaminations from sitting on the wheel and the original steering from wear and tear.

7. Steering Cover (Black And Grey)

This diagonal square patterned Black And Grey Steering Wheel Cover is your go-to accessory for a sober yet elegant car interior. The grainy grey pattern over a chrome-black base is super grippy and looks incredible. The material is high-quality and comfortable. The overall design and structure are ergonomic in an affordable price deal.

8. Steering Cover (Black And Grey)

If you are in search of a steering wheel color scheme that is neutral and versatile in appearance, consider installing a Steering Cover (Black And Grey). The grainy grey arrows over a pitch-black base make it compatible with various car interior themes. The cover’s quality material prevents the steering wheel’s premature deterioration and saves it from wear and tear, UV damage, and contaminants.

9. Steering Cover (Black With Grey Pattern)

What can be better than this black steering wheel cover with a grey pattern to boost the aesthetic appeal of your car interior? Absolutely Nothing! A fine combination of a classic black base with a visible grey pattern gives a sophisticated look. The cover installation is normally a DIY method and requires no particular tools.

10. Steering Cover (Black)

The pure black leather Steering Cover is a definitive and versatile color preference as it 

maintains an immaculate impression. The synthetic leather delivers a relaxed and grip texture while safeguarding the steering wheel against wear and tear, UV harm, and pollutants like grime, grease, and sweat from the driver’s hands. The cover is designed for easy installation and comes at an affordable price.


Steering wheel covers offer several advantages, including improved grip for better control in extreme weather, protection against wear and tear, a stylish interior enhancement, and insulation from temperature extremes. Investing in a steering wheel cover can enhance your driving experience and extend your steering wheel’s lifespan. We discussed the luxurious yet affordable best Car Steering Wheel Covers with the above mentioned features. Explore various options at to find the perfect match for your car’s steering wheel. Drive safely!