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8 Possible Reasons Why My Car Has Squeaky Brakes?

What are Squeaky Brakes?

Here is a simple scenario – you are out of groceries and decide to make a short trip to the convenience store nearby. You get in your car and drive to that store. Everything is going pretty well, but when you stop at a traffic light, your brakes produce a high-pitched, rather unpleasant sound. What was supposed to be a short trip to the store became the test of your patience as you constantly dealt with this unpleasant sound.
If this scenario sound familiar to you, your car may have squeaky brakes, and fret not, for in this article, we will talk about eight possible reasons why your vehicle has squeaky brakes.

What are the Causes of Squeaky Brakes?

Causes of Squeaky Brakes

Exposure to Moisture

If you had your car parked outside, and a squeaky sound from your car’s brake is the first thing you hear in the morning, chances are that this is entirely normal. However, as your car’s braking system is exposed to moisture overnight, a thin layer of rust may develop on the system’s components. This can easily be fixed when you drive your car around for a few miles as it breaks down the layer of rust on your car’s brakes. However, to prevent any long-term damage, consider parking your vehicle in a garage where the moisture levels are low.

Lack of Lubrication

When was the last time you checked your car’s brake fluid levels? If your vehicle constantly produces this unpleasant sound, it is time to review the braking fluid levels. Lack of lubrication or brake fluid in a car’s braking system can cause the system’s components to rub against each other. This is due to high friction and less lubrication; leaving this issue unattended can cause your vehicle to sustain permanent damage.

Exposure to Extreme Cold Weather

If you drive your car around in extremely cold weather conditions, it can eventually cause your brake to become squeaky. As you drive your vehicle over snow or ice, moisture collects on your car’s braking system. If the moisture freezes before it drains out, it can cause difficulty for your car’s braking system, producing unpleasant scraping sounds.

Worn Out Brake Pads

 Another reason why you may have squeaky brakes is worn-out brake pads. The components of a car’s brake pad need to be rough enough to produce just the right amount of friction that results in a smooth brake. However, over time, these components’ edges may become blunt. This causes you to brake harder, making your car’s brake produce an unpleasant sound. Damage to a car’s brake pad can result from multiple reasons. One of these reasons may be worn-out tires. How efficient a tire’s grip on the road can result in less or more strain on the car’s braking system.

A Stuck Caliper

Lack of lubrication can also lead to a stuck caliper. A caliper’s job is to enclose a car’s brake pads and pistons, creating enough friction to come to a halt whenever its brakes are applied smoothly. A stuck caliper can reduce the car’s braking ability, causing the production of more friction than the required amount. Over a while, this can wear down your car’s tires and braking pad.

High Metal Content in Brake Pads

In some cases, the squeaky brakes of a car may be due to the high metal content in brake pads. Three types of brake pads are available in the market – ceramic, organic, and semi-metallic. Semi-metallic brake pads are the most common ones installed in a car; hence, when the metallic components of the pad rub against each other, they produce a squeaky sound. Usually, the sound goes away after a while as the components begin to wear down. However, consider changing the brake pads if the high-pitched sound becomes too unpleasant.

Debris in the Brake System

The collection of debris either on or in your car’s brake system can also result in squeaky brakes. This can happen if your car sits out, collecting dust on its braking system for a long. This problem can quickly be attended to. A spray of car cleaner or the sanding down of the system’s surface can help break down the debris collection. Driving your car around for a bit can also help remove debris from your car’s braking system.

Personal Braking Style

Ever wondered why your car’s brakes produce this squeaky sound when you brake too hard? It is because hard braking puts additional strain on brake pads, causing them to create this high-pitched sound. As a result, a car’s braking system cannot respond well to sudden jerks and stops. This can, however, easily be avoided. So the next time you drive and need to stop, press your car’s brake slowly, and you will immediately notice the absence of squeaky brakes!

At the End of the Day, It is all Fixable!

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