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5 Toyota Hilux Upgrades You Should Consider

If you own a Toyota Hilux, you will want the most efficient performance out of your truck. Moreover, you don’t want to blend with the rest of the crowd on the street and find a duplicate of your beloved car every so often. Therefore, you should think about upgrading your Toyota Hilux. We’ve put together five of the top Toyota Hilux upgrades. Let’s look at the upgrades!

1. LED Sill Plates


revo LED Still plates


Sill plates are generally installed in cars to shield doors from wear and tear. They are placed in the area between the door and the frame. In this way, your car’s frame and door are protected from damage caused by sudden smashing into the vehicle’s windows or corrosion caused by dirt and water. You may choose simple, traditional auto sill plates. However, if you want to give your car the ultimate treatment, you can choose vibrantly illuminated Toyota Hilux Revo LED Sill Plates. With these illuminated sill plates, whenever you open your vehicle door, they will glow up.

2. Skid Plates

Since skid plates are designed to guard your undercarriage and its components, they can take the impact, shock, and strikes from various objects outside. In turn, they can help reduce the damage caused by elements like potholes, branches, stones, and uneven paths. Moreover, as mentioned below, different skid plates are available for Toyota Hilux.

Hilux Revo TRD Skid Plate


revo trd skid plate


To improve the performance of your engine, you need protection skid plates to help safeguard the engine’s externals. Toyota Hilux Revo TRD skid plate is made of aluminum and helps protect the bottom that houses the engine against stumps or rocks that could smash things around.

Hilux Revo Hamer Skid Plate


revo hamer skid plate


You can also opt for a Hamer underbody protection skid plate. It is constructed of top-quality materials, and you’ll be able to have the product for a long time. In addition, it safeguards your vehicle’s chassis and decreases the risk of damaged car components.
This is particularly useful for those who travel on rocky, heavy off-road trails. Furthermore, the product comes with a red-colored appearance and laser-cut logo and will positively impact the appearance of your vehicle. So select this Toyota Hilux Revo Hamer Skid Plate 2016-2022 and confidently explore the world!

Ironman Original Skid Plate


hilux ironman skid plate


Off-road driving can expose the vehicle’s structure to damage due to different obstacles like rocks, bumps, logs, and scratches; Hilux Revo Ironman Underbody Skid Plate offer the safety your Hilux requires. They perfectly match your vehicle’s style and feature strategically placed vents and holes for water dispersion. The plates protect essential components without compromising airflow or durability. It is the best skid plate available on the market.

3. Roll Bars

Roll bars can help support your pickup in fast turns. They also help to stabilize your pickup truck during tight turns, which is why they are perfect for sports trucks! They also help protect your rear glass from sliding within the bed of your car. There are different roll bar styles available that you can pick for your Toyota Hilux. Let’s discuss!

Hilux Revo Hamer Style Roll Bar


hilux revo hamer roll bar


This Hamer 4×4 Premium Series Roll Bar is a sleek extended design for a roll bar and is among Hamer’s top-selling designs. It is made of high-quality 76.2 mm steel tubing (with two-millimeter thickness). They are Long-lasting, lightweight, and have a durable design. In addition, it comes with a market-leading powder coating with a black surface finish.

Hamer Style With Double Pipe Roll Bar


hilux double pipe roll bar


Anti-roll bars reduce the body roll of a car in fast corners or on-road irregularities. You can buy the original Revo Hamer Anti Roll Bar with Double Pipe for a more fiery look.

Hilux Revo Hamer Style in Matte Black Roll Bar


hilux revo matte black roll bar


If you don’t want to do that anti-roll bars, you can go for a sleeker look with Hamer matte black Revo Roll Bar. It has a sturdy design and classy look.

Hilux Rocco Genuine Roll Bar


hilux rocco roll bar


You can also go for Hilux Rocco roll bars made from high-quality fiberglass material. It adds structural strength and class to the overall look of your truck.

4. Deck Covers and Lids

A deck cover is among the important car accessories. It will cover everything you’re hauling and keep it safe and out of view. Alongside hiding your cargo, some Tonneau covers have a locking mechanism, which allows you to protect everything you put into the truck’s bed. We will discuss different covers you can buy for your Toyota Hilux.

Revo Deck Cover Manual Lift


hilux deck cover manual


You can now get a Revo deck cover with manual lift for your Hilux imported from Thailand. The cover is easy to install and has a Manual lift up with tough shock absorbers.

Revo Electric Trunk Shutter Lid


hilux revo deck cover electric


If you are looking for an electric shutter lid, consider Toyota Hilux Revo Electric Trunk. You can control everything with a button. The lid is also made of solid aluminum and keeps your things protected.

Revo Aeroklas Tonneau Cover


Revo Aeroklas Tonneau Cover


The Revo Areroklas Tonneau Cover has many features, including DIY installation, secure lock technique, and weather-resistant engineered polymer material. Moreover, it’s lightweight (28 KG), so you won’t even feel the added weight.

Revo Tri Folding Hard Lid Cover

Now, if you want a foldable cover for your Toyota Hilux, you can get Revo hard lid deck cover to protect your car against harsh weather.

5. Interior Mats

Most people do not think about the car floor mats in the car apart from periodic vacuuming. However, buying a new mat for your floor can have significant benefits, including making the interior look suave. Let’s look at some good mats you buy for your Toyota Hilux.

7D Mats (Brown)


hilux 7d mats brown


Floor mats are specially designed to protect carpets from stains and dust. In addition, they provide extra protection for the flooring of your car. Toyota Hilux Revo Interior Mats are constructed of top-quality fabrics that bring more attention to your car’s interior. Check these mats price here.

9D Mats (Black)


hilux 9d mats black


9D car mats fall into the highest-quality category. They completely protect your vehicle’s base and also protect it from dirt as well as water. You can buy Revo black 9D Floor Mats and give it a more striking look.

9D Mats (Grey)


hilux 9d mats grey


However, if you want a professional, sophisticated look, you can buy Toyota Hilux Revo 9D Diamond floor mats black with grey grass color here.