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5 Tips to Prevent Your Car from Rust

Rust—is easily the evilest and most common enemy of every vehicle. It ruins the car’s appearance and, if left neglected, can cause serious performance issues. It can eat away at the vehicle’s outer and inner structure. So, if you are worried about this vicious enemy attacking your car, it is understandable—and we’ve got you covered by providing tips and tricks to prevent car from rust.

But before we start, let’s get familiar with what rust is.

Car Rusting? Here’s What it Means


car fender rust


When iron comes into contact with water and oxygen, red dust, most commonly referred to as rust, starts to form. Three types of rust can form on your vehicle: surface, bubble, and corrosion (the consequence).

Surface Rust

Surface rust is often a product of prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays or unattended scratches, scrapes, paint peels, or dents.

Bubble Rust

If ignored, surface rust can expand, exposing more metal to harmful elements and moving deeper into the car’s surface, creating scales – bubble rust.


Corrosion directly impacts the vehicle’s structural strength. Corrosion results from bubble rust being left to spread and grow, causing holes in your vehicle. But guess what? You can prevent your car from rusting with these tips our experts at have to offer.

Make Sure Your Car is Dry


drying car microfiber towel


Water is a crucial element aiding in the formation of rust. When your car’s surface is exposed to moisture for a more extended period, it becomes the perfect environment for rust to develop. Hence, keeping your vehicle, mainly the underside, as dry as possible is crucial to prevent the car from rusting.

A microfiber towel is ideal for removing rust from the car’s surface. The highly absorbent towel, with fine fibers, will pick up water droplets from along the surface without leaving swirl marks or damaging the paint layer.

Give Your Car Regular Washes


wash your car regularly


You should never wait for the car to get dirty enough before you can wash it. That gives the elements that are responsible for damaging the car’s top layer (clear coat and paint) enough time to act. And what happens eventually? Rust makes its way onto the vehicle.

Washing your car regularly—at least once every week is the easiest way to prevent dirt, corrosive debris, salt, and grime from accumulating along the car’s surface. What more? It also keeps the vehicle looking squeaky clean and as shiny as new.

Car pressure washers are the most effective for reaching nooks and tricky areas, such as undercarriage and wheel wells.

Don’t Forget To Wax and Polish Your Car Twice a Month


waxing and polishing black car


Does your car have scratches or areas where the paint layer is dull and peeling off? If yes, then your vehicle needs polishing. Leaving these peels and scratches unattended can provide a convenient opening for elements to attack and cause the formation of rust.

Car wax can further add a layer of protection between your car and the harmful elements and UV rays. Applying a generous coat of car wax, along with car polish, across any damaged, peeling paint at least twice a month can prevent rusting on the vehicle.

Add that Extra Protection with Microfiber Covers


car cover to protect from rust


Continuous exposure to the sun, water, dirt, and other elements, for prolonged intervals, can easily cause your car to rust. A straightforward way to prevent contact with the elements for prolonged periods is to cover your vehicle with car covers.

Again, microfiber covers are the most efficient for this job – protecting the car’s surface without causing any scratches or disrupting the car’s paint layer.

Keep It Parked Under the Shade or Garage


parked car in garage


Another easy way to prevent your car from being in contact with damaging elements is to park it in the shade, conveniently protecting the car’s surface against UV rays and other corrosive elements.

And just like that, your car is Protected!

The Bottom Line

To make car care and protection against rust even easier, has all the vital car care accessories required to safeguard your car against this enemy.

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