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14 Cheap Ways to Make Your Car Look Awesome

Every car owner wants to make his vehicle appear distinct from other vehicles moving on the roads. Even if the car is not luxurious, they want to make it look awesome. If you can’t resist bringing some upgrades to the vehicle but don’t have enough cash in your pocket, worry not! Here are some cheap ways through which you can make your car look awesome without having to spend a fortune on it.

Exhaust Tips


exhaust tips


A car exhaust is a system through which all the waste gas goes out of the car. This extensive system is a compilation of various elements, including the muffler, manifold, tailpipe, and converter. The most crucial part of this system is the exhaust tip, as it’s visible from the outer portion of the car. If it appears untidy, the overall visual appearance of the vehicle goes down.

Switching the old car exhaust with a new one is an excellent yet cheap way to make the car look awesome. However, before you do that, ensure the new one you are installing is compatible with your vehicle. Also, if made of chrome or steel, it will last longer. If you want a unique look, go for the one made of carbon fiber.

Add Spoilers


spoilers red car


When the vehicle faces dragging while on the road, it appears unflattering. To avoid that, add a car spoiler at the rear side, and the overall appearance of your vehicle will surely be upgraded instantly.

This aerodynamic device can easily be customized according to your preference. You can choose its size, shape, and material from a massive variety of available options. However, when installing a spoiler on the car, ensure its appropriate size.

Add Window Deflectors / Air Press


window deflectors red car


Window deflectors are a great addition to the car that not only upgrades the car’s appearance but also protects it from harsh weather. In addition, a car air press gives the vehicle a sleek look that appears aerodynamic and classy.

With the help of a simple adhesive tape or clip, you could install the window deflector or air press to the car. It is a quick, cheap, and easiest way to make your car appear remarkable.

Apply the Wrap on Exterior


white car wrap


Changing the car’s paint is expensive and may break the bank. A great cheap alternative, however, is to apply a car wrap to the exterior, which would instantly alter the vehicle’s appearance.

The wrap is a vinyl covering that conceals the car’s original paint. It not only upgrades the car’s appearance but also saves it from the harmful effects of UV rays. It also protects the car’s exterior from scratches and painful marks.

Dashboard Decoration


dashboard emojis


Can’t afford a cosmetic change in the car but want something cheaper to make it appear incredible? Then, decorating the dashboard is your answer! You can decorate the dashboard in numerous ways, including adding lights to it, putting a dashboard mat on it, or having an entire kit to make the space appear distinct.

You can also get a dashboard spring emoji to add a funky vibe. It will set your car apart from all other vehicles on the road.

Add a Steering Wheel Cover


custom steering cover


A steering wheel cover makes the steering appear distinct and protects it from getting hot when the car is exposed to the sunlight for long hours. Steering covers are cheap and inexpensive, and the options available are unlimited.

If you choose the suitable material, your driving experience will be more pleasant, and having a firmer grip on the steering will become possible.

Get New Seat Covers


green stitch black seat cover


Changing the seat covers is the most common way to make the vehicle appear fantastic while spending the least money possible. Unfortunately, old and worn-out seat covers are a turn-off and make new passengers uncomfortable. You will have extensive options while opting for car seat covers, including split, bench, and bucket seats.

Change Car Floor Mats


floor mats black grey


Another amazing yet cheap way to make your car appear awesome is by changing its mats. Unfortunately, car mats tend to get dirty pretty soon as they get exposed to muddy shoes. So switching to new floor mats as soon as the old ones get grimy is advisable.

Car mats also hide the car’s carpet and keep it clean for the longest time. In addition, these car mats are affordable, and you can get rubber-made cheaply.

Apply Car Wax


car wax detailing grey


Applying car wax to the exterior is a great way to make the car appear awesome without paying massive bucks. Instead, the elbow grease comes cheap and adds shine and gloss to the vehicle.

Interior LED Lighting


car interior ambient lighting


If you want your car to exude dreamy vibes, you should get your hands on the car interior lights. They are cheap, easy to install, and super feasible. Alongside this, they have a functional characteristic attached to them, making it possible for you to find a lost item in the car when it’s pitch dark outside.

Replace the Brake Pedals


brake pedal covers stainless steel


Using the same brake pedals for the most extended period reduces their functionality. Alongside this, they start appearing old and worn-out. Hence, getting new brake pedal covers is a great way to keep them functional for a long time.

Customizing the brake pedal covers is possible per your choice and preference. They add a distinctive appearance to the vehicle, setting it apart from the other cars.

Gear Shift Knobs


red black gear knob cover


Bored of the same old and boring gear shift knobs, you can surely replace them with new ones. This is quite a cheap way to make your car appear awesome! A gear knob can fade with time as the driver would use it for extensive periods. Hence, switching to a new one is a great idea. You can choose your gear knob from the extensive options of patterns and logos offered by

Add a Mobile Holder


dashboard mobile holder


Love to use Google Maps but hate to manage the phone while doing so? You need a car mobile holder to be on the safer side. It is one of the most sought-after car accessories in recent times.

Window Tints


car window tinting


Window tints available at the are exceptional and provide privacy and security while adding a distinct appearance to your vehicle. In addition, they are cheap and reliable, and you can easily install them yourself.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to break the bank while looking for reliable car exterior accessories or interior ones to make your vehicle appear awesome! Instead, if you act smart, you can get your hands on some affordable car accessories and make your beloved car appear different from other vehicles on the road.