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10 Tips to Protect Your Car’s Interior

Accidents happen, cars wear out, the interior gets soiled and discolored—it’s all a part of a vehicle’s life cycle—nothing to fret over. What’s worth remembering is that despite all this, you can prevent significant interior damage by following some straightforward, time-tested tips. A spotless car’s interior means that the car looks and feels good and has a higher resale value.

Here are the top ten tips that can help you protect your car’s interior.

Don’t Eat in the Car


don't eat and drink in car


Certain meals have aromas that can linger in the automobile, especially when any portion of it is kept for a couple of hours or even an entire day or two. So, avoiding eating or drinking in your car is best since liquids like cappuccino or juices left out in the hot sun can result in a bad-smelling automobile.

Vacuum Your Car Regularly


man vacuuming car's interior


Various factors, like dirt and debris, can cause your car’s interior to wear out prematurely. But weekly vacuuming can be the best solution to keep the car’s interior looking new. Numerous car vacuum cleaners are available in the market that help clean dirt and debris from carpets, car mats, seats, and crevices.

First, you must buy a vacuum cleaner with various attachments to help clean debris in the narrow areas, around the seats, and in different dashboard parts.

Keep the Dashboard Clean


man cleaning car interior dashboard


You should thoroughly clean the car’s interior to clean all the dirt, debris, and grime once a month. Broader surfaces like the dashboard can be cleaned with a microfiber towel and dashboard cleaner. On the other hand, a small brush can help clean the dirt particles in the crevices.

Extended exposure to the sun makes your car’s dashboard and other parts susceptible to cracking, so it’s a good idea to buy dashboard and rear deck covers to protect the car’s interior. Moreover, you can also invest in a good quality conditioner to build a shield against the sun’s rays to help prevent cracks. It’s a simple approach to providing reliable inside car protection.

Park Your Car in the Shade


parking white car in sun shade


Car and heat damage hastens a car’s value decline, as it may suffer significant damage from the sun and heat. So, it is crucial to slow down the damage.

If parking your car outside is unavoidable, try to find a shady parking place. It will help avoid discoloration and breakage of the car’s interior components.

Keep The Trash Out


trash bin for car's interior


Cars are not trash cans; they wouldn’t be this expensive if they were.

If your car doesn’t already have a designated area for trash, make one at your earliest. Several devices can hang from the back of your vehicle seats—to serve as a compact trash can. Alternatively, you can use small plastic food containers with lids as garbage cans.

Use Proper Cleaners for Seats


cleaning car interior seats


Try to use proper cleaners for seats. Vinyl cleaners include chemical agents that protect the plastic and vinyl from sun rays. Leather cleaners help to keep the leather upholstery flexible. For cloth seats, various cloth cleaners should be used. Cloth cleaners are available with a scrub brush to remove stains and blot them out with the help of a microfiber cloth. Seat cleaners should be safe and not damage your car’s fabric.

Pro Tip: Verify the safety of cloth cleaner by first applying it to the hidden areas.

Keep the Glass Clean


cleaning car interior glass windows


Any automobile must have a clear windshield for a safer journey. Whether from an overabundance of bugs or dirt, cars’ windshields batter. But, regardless of the cause, maintaining a clean windshield has been shown to increase visibility and reduce accidents, particularly while driving at night.

Always wipe your windshield under shade, away from direct sunlight. The windshield washer fluid or cleaner evaporates when sprayed in direct sunshine or on a heated windshield. In addition to causing streaking problems and lessening the effectiveness of the cleaner, this can also produce dangerous gases that can be toxic if ingested.

As a general guideline, avoid anything that includes ammonia, alcohol, or any other chemical that releases poisonous vapors. Aerosol cans, spray bottles, and wipes are all common forms of glass cleaners. Several excellent wipe-on glass cleaners also exist.

Make sure to clean the windshield’s exterior first before moving to the interior.

Use Sun Protectors


sun protectors for car interior


Utilizing windshield sun guards is another way to prevent solar damage and keep your car cool. These screens are simple. Anytime you want, unfold them and slip them onto your dashboard.

Buy Car Floor Mats


grass red grey mats for car interior


Car floor mats are vital in improving the car’s original carpet life. It is relatively simple and easier to buy new car floor mats than to replace the carpet with stains.

Make sure your floor mats are the right size because they are a significant barrier between dirt and the floors of your automobile—mats that do not fit properly are only partially helpful.

The beautiful thing about floor mats is that they are affordable for all budgets and needs. In addition, they come in every imaginable material, from vinyl to cloth, so pick the design that works best for your car. You can pick up car mats at any auto parts store or purchase them online.

Use Microfiber Cloths Only for Cleaning


car's interior microfiber towels orange


Always use a microfiber towel to wipe the dash since dirt can leave microscopic scratches that, over time, grow bigger. To get rid of all the particles, wipe off the dash frequently. Using a low gloss detailing compound may also be beneficial and less glaring.

Get Seat Covers


car seat covers skin car interior


If you recently got leather seats, you might consider spending on seat covers for the best possible defense. Although it’s not necessary to leave them on constantly, it’s a great interior protection alternative to have on hand. Additionally, seat coverings do a great job of keeping slick hands and muddy paws far away from custom leather to allow for enjoyment.

Wrap Up

Maintaining your automobile’s interior doesn’t have to disrupt your everyday routine significantly. Instead, you can preserve the aesthetic value of your car with a few simple, low-cost fixes—all the while preventing fading, cracking, and the more severe damage that the sun and heat cause.

We sincerely hope that these ten recommendations for protecting your car’s interior can be helpful to you as you work to keep it in good condition.