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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Car Wrapping Instead of Painting It

Do you want to change the appearance of your car? You have two choices, whether you select to paint or get car wrapping. Both options help you attain the new appearance of your vehicle. However, car wraps provide some additional benefits as compared to paint.

Even updates and modification to the existing wraps is simple and painless!

What are Car Wraps?

Car wraps may be a large vinyl sticky label or an exterior with unique graphic designs. Car wraps come in various sizes; some cover the whole car, and others cover some desired parts. In addition, companies offer vinyl wraps with traditional colors, graphic design, and logos to meet the customer’s requirements. 

Vinyl car wraps have an adhesive backing to secure the attachment to the automobile. Additionally, vinyl car wraps are topped with a laminated finish to improve surface protection.

10 Reasons to Wrap Your Car

Knowing the pros and cons of car wraps and paint, you can easily understand that car wraps offer extra benefits over paint. Car modification using car wraps excel over paint in better quality, durability, economical pricing, and easy installation.

Paint is not as durable as car coverings. Standard paint jobs often only last a few years, whereas top professional paint lasts the life of the automobile. However, premium automobile covers may endure up to ten years. Vinyl vehicle wraps are also thicker than paint and have no pores, making them easier to maintain and more resistant to harm.

Let’s see some reasons to wrap your car instead of painting it:

Lower Costs

Like everyone, you also want your car to look wonderful——-but don’t want to spend much money. While changing cars’ outlook, economical pricing is the critical factor. Imaging companies offer car wraps that meet both the needs of customers. Car wraps are available at low prices as compared to paint. 

Paint typically costs between $300 and $10,000. However, you can find a wrapped automobile for $250–$5000. Therefore, people choose vehicle wraps over paint since a professional car wrap’s price is nearly twice as high. Additionally, car wrap-upkeep is significantly more straightforward, which helps the consumer save money.

Countless Design Options

Another feature of car wrap beats painting the customer’s countless design options. Typically, cars are available in limited color options. Unfortunately, if one of these options attracts you, you are stuck picking the color you don’t love!

You can choose various colors and countless design options with a car wrap. Furthermore, car wraps offer numerous graphic and holographic designs that can be difficult to manage with paint. In addition, various graphic designs of car wraps help to advertise your business by offering outfits with logos, pictures, and lettering. In short, this option provides you an appealing look for your car in less time and money.

Easier And Faster Installation

Easier and faster car wrap installation offers the desired outlook in less time, and you get the car back much faster. Paint service is time-consuming. As you must follow the company’s schedule, paint service takes time, and drying paint requires patience! This waiting session can be inconvenient for you. 

In contrast, wrapping a car is faster as it takes only a few days. Car wrapping involves a few steps: selecting the desired design, printing the car wrap, and installing it. Some imaging companies offer car wrap even in a single day. That’s convenient! 

Longer Lasting

Since you want your automobile to appear its best for as long as possible, even the most fantastic professional paint job can suffer from damage from scratches, fade and wear-down environmental conditions, and bad weather.

Vinyl car covers come with a 10-year warranty and provide more protection against environmental factors like draughts and scratches. Vinyl car wraps also include a UV-resistant laminated finish.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl car wrapping requires minimum maintenance in contrast to the paint job. Car paint needs regular washing and cleaning maintenance to keep it at its best. Otherwise, dust and microbes damage the paint.

Cleaning vinyl vehicle coverings are simple and don’t need intense maintenance. You don’t need to wash your car often since vinyl is easy. As a result, you can save much money since you don’t have to devote as much labor or purchase unique products for car maintenance. Your car cover may be cleaned using only soap and water.

Greater Paint Protection

When you apply a vinyl decal car wrapping on your automobile, you provide a high degree of security to prevent any harm. However, car paint is prone to damage from the sun, dust, and other environmental causes. Additionally, paint is susceptible to wear, fading, chipping, and scratching.

Car wraps cover the paint underneath with vinyl to shield it from harm. This vinyl wrap is resistant to dangers and things other than paint, which helps the automobile keep its appearance as much as possible. There are also thick vinyl car coverings for extreme scratch and rock protection.

More Texture and Color Options

Car wraps shine more than paint in various textures. Paints are available with a smooth surface —lacking textural variety. People who want to customize and personalize their vehicle demand textural variations.

Car wraps come with numerous textures ——giving a unique feeling when you run your hand over them. Textures change the car outlook significantly. Various textures respond differently to light, giving a glamorous look to your vehicle. As a result, the car achieves an eye-catching appearance to the audience. Vehicle wraps come in satin, gloss, and matte finishes.        

Safe And Easy Removal

The paint is hard to remove. If you want to remove paint, you can do this manually or via a sanding device. Moreover, you need to pay for paint removal solutions. Manual removal requires hard work, and the mechanical process can damage the car’s surface.

On the other hand, removing a car cover is very safe and straightforward. Simple procedures like heating the decal, removing it by hand, and using an adhesive remover are required. A car wrap is also secure since, if it lasts for up to 10 years, it safeguards the paint below.

Better Quality

Both paint and car wraps are available in various qualities, but car wrap tends to be of higher quality. Unfortunately, even professional paint is susceptible to damage more quickly than wraps——as they don’t offer the same level of protection against harsh environmental conditions.

Vehicle wraps are long-lasting, durable materials designed to protect your vehicle’s appearance at its best. Vinyl wraps don’t fade down and won’t chip——, offering a high level of visual appearance and protection.

Higher Vehicle Resale Value

Every automobile owner’s goal is to increase their vehicle’s resale value. High-quality automobile wrapping guarantees the vehicle’s increased worth when selling. Additionally, many consumers choose top-notch original paint. However, paint can scrape and chip when a car owner drives the vehicle. Additionally, exposure to the sun’s rays and dust particles makes the paint fade, resulting in a low resale value.

The most incredible way to change the appearance of your automobile while preserving the original paint job is with a car wrap. A reputable and high-quality car cover may safeguard your automobile’s paint. The paint then seems the same as it did on the first day you decide to sell your automobile.

Final Thoughts

Custom paint jobs are more expensive than vehicle wraps, but they are also more complicated due to customization, simplicity of redesigning the design, ease of repair, and other factors. Call your local wrap provider to start the car wrapping process and discuss design and price.


Before choosing car wrap for your car, you may have a few questions you want to be answered. Review the following responses to some of the most often asked questions concerning automobile wraps:

Is it Possible to Wrap a Car by Yourself?

It is not advised to try to do it yourself unless you are a professional. Allowing a professional to apply the car wrap is considerably safer. Installing a car wrap might be difficult for individuals who are not experts. Allowing the expert can assist you in preventing bubbles and creases in your wrap, giving a spectacular appearance to your automobile.

Does Wrapping a Car Damage the Paint?

It usually won’t harm your automobile if placed and uninstalled correctly. The protection is because the paint below a vinyl automobile cover is shielded. However, inspecting the paint before applying a vinyl vehicle wrap is preferable. Removing the car cover can cause the paint to peel if the paint is damaged. Nevertheless, the vinyl wrap is a fantastic technique to protect the paint, assuming it is in excellent condition.

Can a Car Wrap Look like Paint?

There are many different types and styles of car wraps. For example, some automobile wraps are painted to look like the paint since some individuals favor classic-looking cars. However, the designs of automobile wraps may also be flexible and tailored to a buyer’s preferences.