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10 Tips to Keep your Car Interior Clean and Fresh

No matter how old or new your car is, it would be best if you kept it clean and fresh from the inside. Even if it appears stylish and sleek from the outside, you need to make sure it seems equally desirable from the inside. And that can’t happen if your car’s interior is dirty and messy. You need to pay attention to the car interior cleaning and make it top-notch. 

People who love their cars do everything they can to keep their vehicles neat and clean. They go the extra length and have a fragrant interior. Nonetheless, anyone owning a car should have the same attitude. Keeping the car neat from the inside should be the priority of a car buyer so that his vehicle lasts longer and gives him maximum pleasure and output. 

Tip#1: Vacuum the Interiors of Your Car

The easiest and most efficient way to clean the car is by vacuuming it. There are special car vacuum cleaners, which tend it from every nook and corner, and you don’t have to put much effort into it.

Tip#2: Get a Car Back Seat Organizer

Now that’s important, especially if you have kids. Kids love to carry every favorite thing of theirs in the cars. It accumulates many items, making the car look like an absolute mess.

Having a car back seat organizer will give your vehicle a neat look. As a result, it won’t appear messy or overburdened to the onlooker. Instead, anyone viewing things neatly arranged on the vehicle’s back seat would be impressed by your organizing skills. 

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Tip#3: Keep your Car Fresh with Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are more important than you can ever think them to be. Your car has to stay in the sunlight for many hours. At times, this duration gets so long that the car’s interior starts to stink. In addition, it puts a wrong impression on anyone who hops in the car.

This is why always keeping a car air freshener handy is essential. But the one that comes without flavor would ensure no one gets nauseated. You can also switch it with a unique car perfume or fragrance to make your vehicle smell heavenly.

Tip#4: Use Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers are yet another way to keep your car tidy. This is, however, a little controversial tip. Many car owners like to sit in the car’s original seating to enjoy the manufacturer’s skill the most. Nonetheless, if you have kids and toddlers, they may mess up the original seating, and you would regret not covering it with the seat cover.

You can get seat covers from the autostore, both online and in-stores. Make sure to buy the one that stays intact for the longest period and can endure extreme summer conditions. 

Tip#5: Clean the Dashboard and Windows

Cleaning the dashboard and windows is essential. But, first, you must ensure they are tidy and spotless. This will instantly cheer your mood up when you sit in your beloved car after a long, hectic day to head home. 

There are special cleaning materials to tidy up the windows and dashboard. Get your hands on a particular car glass cleaner, and you will see how well it clears the spots on the window glass. Besides, interior car wipes have special chemicals that keep the car clean for a long time. 

Tip#6: Make Sure to Dust off the Mats Regularly

It gets dirty whenever you enter the car and place your feet on the mat, because the dirt attached to the shoes becomes a part of the mats and makes them appear super untidy.

This is why you need to dust off the mats regularly. It would be best to do this daily so the dust particles don’t accumulate. Additionally, wash your mats every week to ensure their tidiness. 

Tip#7: Clean Spillage as Soon as it Happens

Even if you are super lazy, you should be hyperactive in cleaning the spillage as soon as it happens in the car. Therefore, keeping the vehicle clean for a long time. 

Any spillage that remains intact for long tends to dry up. The dried spillage takes a lot of time and effort to be cleaned. This is why it is highly recommended that you clean it up immediately as soon as you witness some spillage.

Tip#8: Wipe Your Shoes Before Getting in the Car

To reduce the cleaning duration, be careful with the dirt spreading around. For example, one straightforward thing you can do is wipe your shoes before you get into the car. It will ensure that your car mats and doors remain clean for the longest period. 

Tip#9: Don’t Miss the Cupholders and Tiny Places.

Tiny places are the ones that we tend to forget and ignore. Dirt can find its way to it, and if moisture enters it, it may make it stinky. 

Hence, it would be best if you gave special importance to the cup holders and tiny places that tend to have hidden dirt.

Tip#10: Place a Trash Bin in Your Car

Though you may think it’s a bit extra, it’s one of the most common actions taken by people who prefer clean interiors over messy ones. One of the most common car accessories is the trash bin, which neat freaks love.

You have to throw the wrappers or trash away when you eat something in your car. So you will have only two options: throw them out or keep them in the car. 

Where the former showcases terrible manners, the latter ruined the car’s tidiness. 

This is when a trash bin comes in handy. Get a small one that you can have in the car easily and put the trash in it. This will keep your vehicle clean, and you will be able to cherish the edibles on long journeys without having to worry about the trash accumulating in your car. 


A proper car interior cleaning routine is essential to ensure that your vehicle remains neat for all the years you own and use it. An untidy car filled with dirt and dust will annoy anyone entering it. This is why you should be concerned about cleaning the vehicle’s interior frequently and performing the process at least twice a week.