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10 Common Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

A warning lights appearing on the car’s dashboard is pretty scary! No matter how well you know your vehicle’s functioning, you would get nervous whenever such a sign appears. These warning signs that tend to emerge on the car’s dashboard are meant to inform you that something is wrong with your vehicle. Sensors like these are definitely of great significance as they give you a chance to mend whatever is wrong with your car before things get worse.

Common Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

You need to understand here that not every light or symbol appearing on the dashboard signals you about something terrible. Some of these symbols are vehicle features or let you know about specific monitors. Apart from these, mechanical problems like engine temperature or low pressure of the tires are also some signals displayed on the dashboard. However, you need to get it repaired immediately before things get out of control whatever the issue is.

Some of the most common warning lights connected with the Car sensors are as follows:

Engine Oil Warning Light

Engine Oil warning light is probably the most common warning light seen by drivers. It appears like a genie lamp and has a drop at its end. This signals that engine oil pressure has reached its last limits, and the car is at risk. This is when you need to stop, as driving a car at low oil pressure can be pretty dangerous.

If you don’t mend it on time, it may lead to permanent failure of the engine.

Low Tire Pressure light

If you have the Tire Pressure Monitoring system working in your car, it will showcase a warning sign every time the pressure in the tires is dangerously low. An underinflated tire can cause serious harm and has chances of tire failure. So, though it could be just a little release of pressure that the signal may be indicated, it should still be taken seriously!

Stability or Traction Control Light

The traction control light is a warning that your car is not under control and can stop at any time. The traction control can limit the wheel slip whenever acceleration feels the torque. Whenever one wheel starts spinning faster than the others, this light turns on.

As soon as the light turns on, the system automatically tries to correct the problem. However, if the light continues to flash for an extended period, you need to pull over.

Coolant Level Warning Light

An overheated engine leads to the coolant warning light getting illuminated. The sign appears like a box from which wavy lines are eliminated. In the summer season, it is pretty standard. However, you may view it in the winter as well. You need to act quickly and switch off your car as soon as you see this. This will ensure that no further damage occurs to it.

Brake System Warning Light

The brake system warning light may appear owing to several reasons. For instance, it may refer to the brake fluid, also known as the hydraulic fluid, being dangerously low. Or, it may also imply that the brake pads are getting thin or the brake globe has burnt.

ABS Sensor Warning Light

A problem with the car’s braking system may lead to the illumination of the ABS sensor warning light. This light comes in varied colors, including yellow, amber, or orange. Pulling over the car and starting again will let it check all the abnormalities and fix them. However, if you can still see the light, you need to check the problem.

Air-Bag Warning Light

This warning light signifies a problem with the Supplemental Restraint System. It means that at some unfortunate event, all or any of the airbags won’t be inflated. As a result, you may need to reset the airbags yourself or get them professionally repaired to solve the problem.

Battery Light

The battery light on your dashboard may turn on owing to several reasons. For instance, if the battery cable is loose or the voltage regulator is not working optimally, you may see this sensor lit up. If you want to stay safe and don’t want your battery to die soon, you need to pull over and get it checked. If you deem it necessary to replace the battery with a new one, you can easily order it from an Online Auto Store, and it will save you a lot of hassle!

Low Fuel Indicator Light

Now, this is pretty obvious. The low fuel indicator light showcases that the fuel in the vehicle has reached the reserve limit. For every car, this reserve limit is different. This light illuminates when the fuel tank is merely 15% filled most of the time.

Fog Lamp Indicator Light

Whenever you turn on your fog lights, the fog lamp indicator light on your dashboard will be lit up. Below the regular headlights, these fog lamps are located. Therefore, when the visibility is low during extreme fog situations, you can turn on these Fog Lamps and Lights. The indicator on the dashboard will inform you about the perfect working of the fog lights.

Wrap Up

To stay on the safer side while traveling, you need to have good knowledge regarding warning lights that may appear on your dashboard. Knowing what to do when such a light illuminates will ensure the efficiency of your vehicle for the longest possible time.