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Why Haval Jolion Makes People’s Heart Go Crazy?

From time to time, different cars have come and gone. The craze associated with them has risen and then died. However, there is one car breed that has its fans lining up every passing day. That is… Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

An SUV screams “bold”, “aggressive”, “dauntless”. The four-wheel drive can take you along the roughest terranes. From office trips to mountain trips, it doesn’t shy away from any possibilities.

A question then arises: Which one is the best SUV? Well, that is a subjective question. According to our research, Haval Jolion has created some serious competition for its rivals.


The all-new Chinese SUV flaunts a classy exterior. Haval Jolion’s front includes a bold honeycomb grille. It is surrounded by a pair of angular headlights and DRLs. The vehicle is accentuated by curved LED tail lights.

The sleek and swoon-worthy sunroof brings the whole look together. One can simply take in nature and camp under the stars. The striking exterior is topped (or bottomed) off with 18-inch alloy wheels. It is easy to see why Haval makes people’s hearts go crazy.


The interior of this SUV is as luxurious as it can get. Haval sports spacious and comfortable seating. You, as a passenger, can also fully enjoy the 10.25-inch infotainment screen. The cherry on top, the combination of Android Auto functionality and Apple CarPlay is incomparable.

Safety Features

Haval comes fully equipped with all possible safety features. The driver can cruise smoothly via dynamic steering. It has four modes: Standard, Eco, Sport, and Snow. This allows you to completely customize your driving experience.

Alongside, Adaptive Cruise Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, and 6 airbags ensure your safety to the fullest. The other functions include Lane Assist, Traction Control, and Auto Emergency Brakes. With 360° Camera, Side Collision Warning, and Blind Spot Monitoring, the chances of accidents decrease drastically.


Another essential Haval Jolion spare parts include the engine. It has a 1.5-litre capacity and is turbocharged. This gives it a whopping 147 horsepower!

Haval Jolion Price

This SUV in all its glory is priced in Pakistan at PKR 6,020,000.

Accessorizing Your Jolion

Here’s a question: How to make Haval Jolion luxurious? Well, if you plan on getting yourself a Jolion, you need to buy a few car accessories such as:

Side Steps

An SUV is incomplete without Side Steps. These extensions are installed beneath your doors. They make your stepping up and down game way easier. Moreover, they also give a sharp, edgy look to your car.

Backseat Organizer

The bigger the car, the more the passengers and the more the junk. This situation requires a Backseat Organizer. This accessory can hold all sorts of items. From a tissue box, mobile, bottle to umbrella, charger, and books, it can hold it all.

Wireless Charger

We all are more or less clumsy when it comes to our mobiles. From dropping to forgetting to charge it, we’re guilty of everything. Hence, a Wireless Charger is a solution for this. It can hold your mobile upright whilst charging it. All you have to do is prop it on a flat surface.


Now that you have read a detailed analysis, we’re sure you’ve converted into a Haval fan. You can get a hold of many accessories and Haval Jolion accessories via autostore pk. Happy jolionin’!