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Upcoming Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV in Pakistan

For the past 28 years, Toyota has been faithful to its resolution of safety and convenience the proof of which is its newly launched Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV. The advanced hybrid technology, excellent engine performance, convenient driving experience, modern design, and unique styling with all up-to-date safety essentials make it your no.1 choice in SUVs. The hybrid technology of the SUV provides an eco-friendly mechanism establishing Toyota’s commitment to a greener environment.

Hybrid Technology and Efficiency:

What makes the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV outstanding is its simplicity with grace. The electrical components assembled in a non-complex manner make driving smooth with fewer chances of abrasion. The hybrid technology demands less fuel usage than the traditional engine system. It cleverly lashes between conventional and electric power modes so that the power can be conserved and used according to the demands of driving circumstances.

The overall mechanism supports fuel efficiency and also contributes to reduced air pollution by decreasing emissions by up to 35 percent.

Performance and Driving Experience:

The remarkable performance and extremely comfortable Driving Experience make the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV a new treat for SUV lovers. Unique features such as Multiple driving modes (EV, ECO & Power) allow drivers to steer the vehicle as per their driving conditions and needs. Also, the Toyota Corolla SUV runs on a hybrid battery with a 6-year functioning warranty which means less fuel usage demand and long-term smooth functioning.

The Hybrid Technology in the Toyota Corolla Cross HEV supports Electric Power Steering (EPS) which approves of effortless navigation. Other features include CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) which helps in smooth engine functioning and painless gear shifts, Vehicle Stability Control  (VSC), and Traction Control for efficient vehicle operation in difficult road and unanticipated driving conditions.

Design and Styling:

The robust structure and elegant and fierce facelift of the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV feeds an overall daunting imprint. The SUV comes with premium-quality strong alloy wheels that guarantee equilibrium and taut road grip. Beautifully concocted, elongated LED headlamps grant optimal road visibility along with boosting vehicle aggression, with rear lamps flawlessly complementing the grace of the exterior. Then there come the ease-providing fog lights allocating utmost apparency while finishing off the lighting unit.

The Smart Entry System provides an automatic all-door lock control which allows you to control door movement without a key, while Auto Retractable Side Mirrors enhance the refinement of the SUV with the surety of convenient parking.

Safety Features:

Toyota has taken the promise of car drivers and passengers’ absolute safety since their very launch and they keep their commitment by introducing new security features every year in their cars. Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV comes with multiple advanced safety features which are mentioned as follows:

  • Engine Immobilizer; provides safety against theft attempts.
  • Blind Spot Monitor; senses and alerts the driver of other vehicles surrounding the car in proximity.
  • Auto Rain Sensor; propels the wipers on the windscreen and turns down the windows and moonroof after detecting rainfall.
  • Clearance Sonar and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA); enable the driver to park the car with utmost exactness.
  • ISOFIX Child Restraint System; guarantees child safety in case of any jerk or casualty.
  • SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Air Bags; a total of 7 airbags for lifeguarding the passengers and driver in case of an accident.

Availability and Pricing:

In December 2023, Toyota Indus Motors launched the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV in an inaugural ceremony in Murree. Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV is available in various color options namely Red Mica Metallic, Super White, Dark Blue Mica Metallic, Metal Stream Metallic, Celestite Gray, and Attitude Black. Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid price ranges from Rs 9,400,000 to Rs 9,849,000 exclusive of withholding tax.


The perfect combination of security and convenience, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV is a step forward to building a healthy and green ecosystem with the provision of all advanced amenities for comfort. Was this article helpful? Stay connected to to gather more information and updates regarding the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid EV and other recent launches and updates in the automotive industry.