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Honda Civic Type R Body Kit 2022-2023

Rs 70,000

Honda Civic Type R Body Kit / Upgrade / Facelift  /Conversion available at best quality only at

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In the world of cars, modification is a familiar term when we talk about designing our cars according to a new trend. It is a much cheaper option than buying a new one. With the help of just a few changes, you can get the experience of driving a brand new car and it’s not to be told how great it feels!
Talking about a car having simple features and a classy look, Honda Civic is the name that comes to our mind. Due to its user-friendly features and durability, it is the most reliable and trusted among all conventional cars. Like all the other automobiles, Honda Civic also allows its users to make modifications to its structure to keep it upgraded to the new trend.
If you want to give your Honda Civic 2022 a modish & voguish look, Honda Civic Type R Body Kit is surely the best choice. Fabricated with high-quality PP Plastic, the Honda Civic Type R Body Kit is very lightweight and swift to let you have a speedy and sporty experience. In addition to that, the kit is sturdy enough to alleviate external shocks, providing you with a safe and comfortable journey. Honda Civic Type R Body Kit comes with Rear and Front Bumper Flares and Side skirts to protect the wheels against dust, mud, rocks etc, enhancing aerodynamics, Lip Spoilers to provide road stability while driving, Grilles for protecting the engine and providing ventilation, Daytime Running Lights / Lamps (DRLs), Sun Visors to protect your eyes against sun glare and give a better driving experience & Wide Fenders designed to control airflow thus enhancing the car’s aerodynamic performance. Moreover, the body kit is designed to lessen the chances of damage in case of any accident or collision.
The Kit Includes: 
Fender Flares
Side Skirts
Front Bumper Lip Chin Spoilers
Rear and Front Grilles
Daytime Running Lights / Lamps (DRLs)
Sun Visors
Wide Fenders
High-quality PP Plastic Body
Lightweight and Swift
Rigid Frame
Eyelids and Louver for an aggressive and sporty look
Shock Resistant

Available in various colours

Note: Some parts could be unpainted. 

Honda Civic Type R Body Kit 2022-2023
Rs 70,000