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Honda Civic Modulo Body Kit 2022-2023

Rs 35,000

Honda Civic Modulo Body Kit / Facelift / Upgrade / Conversion available at

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Honda Civic is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and quality cars in Pakistan in 2022 with more sturdiness and extra comfort in affordable price. Due to its simple and user-friendly features, it is easier to make modifications to your Civic as compared to other cars. When it comes to car accessories and mods, changing your Honda Civic’s body Kit becomes top priority for designing it the way you want.
One of the best options for designing your Honda Civic 2022 exterior is Honda Civic Modulo Body Kit 2022 that will certainly change the game of your drive. With Honda Civic Modulo Body Kit’s elegant and stylish design, your car is going to outshine the rest of the wheels in the line. The kit comes with a Pair of Air dams to improve performance of your car’s engine along with chrome grille to give protection to radiator and engine, a Pair of Fender Skirts to improve aerodynamic performance and aesthetics, Diffuser to boost the speed of your Honda Civic 2022, Exhaust Exits to improve engine’s performance by expelling combusted air out of the car & Bootlid Spoiler to provide a safe, road gripping experience while driving.
Besides, It includes rear bumper garnishes for sealing and aesthetical purposes.
Product Details:
The Kit includes a Pair of Air dams, Chrome Grilles, Pair of Fender Skirts, Diffuser, Bootlid Spoiler & Daytime Running Lights / Lamps (DRLs)
Anti lock Braking System (ABS) Plastic Body
Elegant and Sophisticated Design
Installed with double tape
Available in various colors
Honda Civic Modulo Body Kit 2022-2023
Rs 35,000