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Locally Assembled Series 3 EV Launched in Pakistan

Electric vehicles are the new IT thing in the World of automobiles, and this trend is increasingly gaining momentum. People are now ditching the traditional vehicles that consume fuel. It is cost-effective and helps save the environment from the adverse effects of burning fossil fuels. The Seres 3 EV is also an automobile that uses electricity to move on the roads. Now, it is being assembled in Pakistan, a massive breakthrough in the vehicle World. 

Let’s talk more about the Seres 3 EV and its local assembling. 

Seres Motors’ Entry into the Pakistani Market

The Seres Motor’s entry into the Pakistani market is surely a moment of pride for the entire nation. It is a massive jump by the industry and has augmented its value in the eyes of global car enthusiasts. It is a step towards a glorious future where the 

So what is it about Seres Motors that makes it so trustworthy in automobiles? Well, it is the utilization of an impressive and praise-worthy centralized E-Powertrain technology in the manufacturing of autos that sets it apart from other regular vehicle producers. This company, of Chinese origin, is well-known across the globe, and the fact that it has launched its assembling unit in Pakistan has augmented the trust of international automobile companies in the local assembling units of Pakistan.

Key Features of the Locally Assembled Seres 3 EV

The Locally Assembled Seres 3 EV is gaining a lot of momentum amongst car lovers, especially over the internet, and rightfully so. It not only comes with a lithium-ion battery of 49.34 kWh, letting it have an impressive driving range of around 403km, but it also gives a super-fast charging system. Within a limited period of half an hour, the battery gets charged from twenty to eighty percent, which is impressive.

The interior of this car is phenomenal. High-quality dual-tone leather used on the seats not only gives the vehicle a luxurious appearance but also ensures the people sitting on them are comfortable. What most people love about this car is the digital multi-information display, which doesn’t let the passenger get bored at any time. 

What’s more? There is a wireless charging facility available in the car, and you don’t need to be worried about the constantly tangled charging wires anymore! 

Price & Booking Details

The company has launched the official price list of the Series 3 EV being assembled in Pakistan. According to that, the car is priced at Rs. 9,200,000 PKR. Due to extensive demand, the company has come up with the idea of pre-booking. To get the car pre-booked, the car lovers will have to pay around Rs. 3,000,000 PKR beforehand. 

A little bit of patience is also required from the buyers. This is because the company promises to deliver the new cars not before the end of March 2024. This is why, if you are one of the prospective buyers of this car, know that you will have to wait a little to get your hands on this new asset of yours. 

The Seres 3 EV Prices are pretty affordable. If you want to make sure to get your hands on this phenomenal vehicle soonest possible, make sure to book it on time and pay the initial cost. 

Specs & Features of Seres 3

The Seres 3 EV Specifications that set it apart from other electric vehicles include the 18-inch alloy wheels that make long-distance journeys in this car super- comfortable and smooth. Furthermore, the Electronic Panoramic Sunroof, Automatic AC with Climate Control, and Cruise Control are some of the most amazing features of this car.

One thing that really interests the buyers is the three Driving Modes. These include the normal mode, Eco mode and the Sports mode. 


As far as the dimensions of this car, you would be really amazed to know that it comes with a length of 4385mm, a Width of 1850mm, and a height of 1650mm. These dimensions are one of a kind and truly impressive. 

Exterior and Interior

This five-seater crossover has a phenomenal interior set-up and makes sure the passengers are super comfortable sitting in it. As a matter of fact, the high-quality leather electrically adjustable seats, six speakers, lat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, 6 airbags, and 3-point ELR seatbelts are some features that are not available together in a single car.

The exterior is also nothing less than phenomenal. The wheelbase of this car, 2,655mm, makes it quite a looker for those watching it from afar. Apart from this, the LED Headlamps with DRLs, 18-inch Alloy Wheels, and the Electronic Panoramic Sunroof surely make it a must-have asset for car lovers. If you love to fill your garage with eye-catching vehicles, there is nothing better than the Seres 3 EV to add to your collection. 

Advantages of Local Assembly for Pakistani Consumers

Local assembly of this car will have massive benefits not only for Pakistani consumers but also for the industry as a whole. Firstly, the local assembly of the car will reduce the overall price of the vehicle immensely. They will have to pay a lower price for this car when it is assembled in their own country as the import cost would be reduced.

Secondly, in the case of local assembly, Pakistani consumers will have it easier to get their hands on the spare parts of the car. They would be able to replace a non-functioning part of the vehicle in a much smoother manner when the car would have its own warehouses and assembling units in the country.

Investment and Employment Opportunities in EV Production

The automobile industry would also benefit massively from the local assembly of the car. This would add to the experience of the Pakistani workers, helping them enhance and improve their skill set. 

The chances of employment would also be augmented with the local assembly united working in the country. A lot of talented workers would be able to find a way to work with multinational companies without having to leave their homeland! 

Challenges and Solutions in Local EV Manufacturing

Local EV manufacturing comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, the multinational company will have to put some effort into finding the right kind of people working for their local assembling unit. The labor laws in Pakistan are different from those in other countries. Hence, the management of the company will have to take into account these intricacies. 

The ever-changing economy at a global level may impact the local assembling unit and its functioning. Inflation may augment the prices at which the raw materials and parts of the vehicle are imported, leading to capital problems. 

How Does Autostore Play an Important Role in Car Accessories in Pakistan?

Finding the right accessories that go well with the vehicle is quite a problem for car enthusiasts in Pakistan. When they are not able to get their hands on the kind of accessory they want, it really frustrates them. Autostore has a massive collection of both interior and exterior vehicle accessories, including the Seres 3 EV. It also has virtual stores where automobile lovers can get their hands on amazing car accessories online.