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Land Cruiser Upgrades: Fj 200 to 2022 Fj 300

Suppose you are a car lover and looking for a modification in your car. Then, you are at the right place! For any car enthusiast, the stylish and upgraded Fj 300 body kits are ideal for upgrading the Land Cruiser.

The most popular and best-selling SUV in Pakistan is the Toyota Land Cruiser. However, individuals import Land Cruisers into Pakistan. Pakistanis replace their out-of-date models with new ones because customs taxes and duties are too high.

Although the new Land Cruiser looks quite different from the one it replaces, you cannot mistake it for anything other than a Land Cruiser. The grille is a lot more prominent and boxier. The bumper and lights are present, so the off-roading cannot damage the lights. With body-on-frame builds, the side profile is the same, as is the case. The manufacturers removed the chrome bar on the tailgate and updated the bumper.

The 300-series model of the newly developed Land Cruiser, which replaced the 200-series, is a station wagon. The flagship model of the Land Cruiser series has consistently been at the forefront of automotive innovation while incorporating innovative technologies.

For the new Land Cruiser, the following development goals were set.

  • Preserving and improving the Land Cruiser’s core values of “reliability, durability, and off-road performance.”.
  • Creating a driving experience allowing the driver to navigate any road anywhere easily and comfortably.

You can modify your Toyota Land Cruiser in infinite ways. For example, motorists can upgrade FJ 200 Toyota Land Cruiser to FJ 300. Users can upgrade their Toyota Land Cruiser in the following ways by face lift.

Choice 1: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ200 Upgrade To Land Cruiser FJ300 V2 2022


Land Cruiser LC 300 Body Kit


The package, designed by GBT Body Kits, is complete because, in addition to front and rear bumpers, it also includes a front grille and an entire tailgate resembling the LC 300. Additionally, the body kit comes with unique headlights, taillights, and fog lights that replicate the style and form of genuine Toyota lights.

The makeover might deceive some people who are more interested in automobiles than we are into thinking they’re looking at the new Land Cruiser. Naturally, an astute motorist will note the headlights match the LC’s original mounting points. The custom 4×4 has many differences, but it’s a great effort overall.


  • Manufacturer: GBT.
  • 1:1 Front and back.
  • Ultimately gives the look of the new Land Cruiser from both the front and back.

Choice 2: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ200 Upgrade to Land Cruiser FJ300 V2 2022


LandCruiser LC 300 Body Kit


Fj 300 V2 Body Kit is a high-quality, aftermarket body kit for Land Cruiser 200 and 2002 through the FJ -300 V2. This assembly package includes new front skid plates, rear bumper guards, and side skirts. The close-coupled design of this kit makes it look like you drove your Land Cruiser straight from the factory with these accessories installed!

With the help of this complete conversion body kit, you can upgrade your Toyota Land Cruiser FJ200 to the more modern FJ300 model while changing the way it looks.

This retrofit body kit creates an aggressive, sporty, and fashionable appearance.


  • Manufacturer: 1234
  • 1:1 Front only
  • It looks like a new Land Cruiser from the front and on the back headlights

Final Thoughts

The Fj 300 V2 Body Kit is an excellent upgrade for those looking to make their Land Cruiser look more modern. The kit includes exceptionally durable parts, and the overall fit is quite good. While other car accessories may offer more, the Fj 300 body kits are still an impressive Landcruiser upgrade. You can upgrade old and new models by purchasing accessories and services from at a fair price.