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Keep The Charge: Car Battery Maintenance Tips

A car battery is a vital component of car machinery responsible for smooth car functioning. A healthy car battery ensures smooth and quick engine startup, continuous power supply to all-electric systems, and better alternator functioning. Regularly maintaining your car battery also fortifies its overall health and identifies minor faults or malfunctions that can induce unnecessary trouble for the owner. Today, we are sharing car battery maintenance tips approved by the auto store, which are reliable and easy to follow.

Signs of a Weak Car Battery

Signs of a Weak Car Battery

A damaged or weakened car battery may result in a Slow Engine Crank, Dimming Headlights, Electrical Component Issues, Acid Discharge, Terminal Corrosion, and a Difficult Engine Startup. Addressing these symptoms happens through regular maintenance, which further guarantees the health and longevity of car batteries.

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Regular Inspections

Regular Inspections Car Battery Maintenance Tips

The most important among car battery maintenance tips is a periodic examination, which detects acid leaks, fluid levels, cracks, rust, and mold formation on time, which helps to control further damage. Also, for efficient electric supply and improved battery functioning, keep checking battery terminals, ensuring they are tightened to avoid inadequate battery functioning and rust formation to maintain a smooth power supply to the engine.

Cleaning and Care

Car Battery Maintenance Tips Cleaning and Care

Gather all the supplies first, e.g., Baking soda, Water, gloves, safety glasses, and brush. Make sure the engine is off. Pull out the negative and positive terminals to prevent any short circuits. Look for any physical damage like acid or fluid leaks or ruptures. Make a paste of baking soda with Water. Carefully apply this mixture on terminals and gently scrub to remove all the rust. Rinse and dry. Tighten the positive and negative terminals to the battery, respectively.

Charging Practices

Car Battery Maintenance Tips Charging Practices

Charging your battery periodically prevents having a dead battery that can cause a lot of fuss to engine startup. It also prevents erosion caused by battery discharge and boosts battery life. A good battery charger prevents overcharging, provides short-circuit protection and temperature monitoring, and supports fast charging. We have the finest range of premium quality car battery chargers at that possess guaranteed reliability and prolonged battery life.

Temperature Considerations

Car Battery Maintenance Tips Temperature Considerations

Temperature significantly impacts the fluids within the battery, and their fluctuations may result in malfunctioning. Cold temperatures cause a reduction in cranking power and electrolyte freezing, while hot temperatures result in a decrease in water levels, oxidation, and excessive rises in battery temperature. At the best market rate, Autostore. pk offers temperature-regularized car batteries like Exide LTV N140 and AGS GX135. 

Routine Battery Testing

Car Battery Maintenance Tips Routine Battery Testing

Testing your car battery with a tester or professionally at an auto store is highly beneficial as it detects faults earlier and saves you repair money. Also, it keeps you aware of fluid levels and any signs of deterioration or damage. Are you looking for the best quality car battery testers? Select from a wide variety of car testers to buy from at for all the best market rates.

Variety of Options

Car Battery Maintenance Tips Variety of Options

Every car has a different engine and mechanical system that demands specific qualities in a battery to be perfectly compatible with the vehicle and function smoothly. Here at, you get the convenience of buying car batteries online in Pakistan from a wide range of renowned brands, including Exide, Osaka, AGS, etc. Compare and buy the best match for your four-wheeler with the convenience of online purchase and doorstep delivery.


Regular battery maintenance and checking the battery ensures on-time fault detection to stop any further damage and boosts battery health and life. Car battery maintenance tips shared here at are reliable, tried, and tested for your convenience and safety to ensure a smooth drive every single time.