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8 Best Suitable Cars for Women in Pakistan

Gone is the time when women had to request their fathers or husbands to give them a ride to a distant place. Instead, women have started driving themselves with the advancement slowly slinking in Pakistani society. As a result, the number of cars for women in the country has significantly increased in the last couple of years. As this trend is growing, automobile manufacturers, too, have taken notice of this. Resultantly, they have started manufacturing cars that suit the needs and requirements of women drivers.

Cars Suitable for women in Pakistan

The road conditions in Pakistan are not impressive. Bumps and jolts are regular, whether one is going on a short distance or a long one. Hence, when choosing a suitable car for women, one has to opt for a durable vehicle with easy-to-find parts and a good average.

1.    Suzuki Mehran

It is the first choice of most women who look for a fuss-free vehicle. Manufactured by Suzuki Motors in Pakistan, it is one of the most popular choices for the public. It is a car with the most significant number of units sold. Its parts are easy to find and replace in almost any AutoStore.

Suzuki Mehran is highly durable! Though it doesn’t come with fancy interior or air-bags security, it still is a much sought-after automobile for being highly affordable. As a result, a massive chunk of the population considers it the first bought vehicle.

This car comes with a very minute maintenance cost! Even if you bump it somewhere, getting the repair is relatively easy and cost-effective. The energy generation of the engine is around 39/5500 HP/RPM, while the milage is 10 KM/L.

Small in size, easy to operate, and highly affordable, this is undoubtedly a highly suitable car for women in Pakistan. Its parts are readily available, and you can sell them off almost instantly the moment you decide to upgrade your vehicle. Don’t like the looks of it? Adorn it with some elegant Car Accessories, and you will fall in love with it instantly!

2.    Toyota Vitz

A small car that offers convenience and ease is the first choice of all women. For that matter, Toyota Vitz is an excellent option to avail. Moreover, this car is quite durable, and over the past couple of years, its resale value has significantly enhanced.

Compared to its first and second-generation cars, the hybrid version is the most sought-after option amongst cars for women in Pakistan. Compared to other options. Toyota Vitz offers excellent aesthetics. The exterior is designed quite well, with the halogen headlights making the drive relatively easy even during the nighttime.

The interior of this car is also impressive. The black and silver inside appear extremely elegant. In addition, the manual air conditioning, airbags, and power locks on the doors make the whole traveling experience filled with leisure.

The engine is a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder, which is highly efficient. The mileage of 34km/L with the 1.5L is impressive for the drivers. With proper Car Care, it will stay with you for years!

3.    Suzuki Swift

For women who look for pretty designs when buying a car, the Suzuki Swift is a great option to go with. The rearview camera that all versions of this car offer make it relatively easy for the driver to manage even on the busiest roads. During the intense fog, the fog lamps provide the right direction.

The inside is also quite relaxing. You can adjust every seat’s height to keep the passengers comfortable. The electric power steering makes the driving process effortless, and so does the telescopic adjustment.

The security level offered by this car is also top-notch. It comes with electric windows and an auto-lock system. The smart trunk opener and cruise control further add to the overall value of this car.

4.    Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus is a car that offers excellent fuel economy and an efficient engine. It has been a trusted vehicle for the Pakistani public for many years. Its size is comfortable enough for the women to swirl it through heavy traffic.

This car is highly impressive because of its phenomenal mileage, around 14 km/l. The engine doesn’t create noise and keeps the long driving sessions free of tiredness. The maintenance of this car is effortless, and all its parts are readily available in the market. You don’t even need to go for any research to find a spare part!

The highly responsive throttle of this car makes it the perfect vehicle for daily use.

5.    Suzuki Alto

Another amazingly affordable option available in cars for women drivers in Pakistan is that of Suzuki Alto. It comes with three variants, VX, VXR, and VXL, and all of them more or less have the same kind of features and offer similar benefits.

The appearance of this car is quite stylish, and a variant even has retractable mirrors attached to it, making it look quite elegant. Power steering, heating system, and side demister are some of the most remarkable features of this car, available in all its variants. In addition, power windows, power steering, and side demister enhance the ease of the driver.

Owing to the small size of this car, navigating it through a rushy road is relatively easy. Moreover, the 0.6 liters 658 cc engine keeps the car working efficiently.

6.    FAW V2

If you have a lot of people to ride in the car and are looking for a vehicle that offers enough space inside of it, you need to go for FAW V2. Compared to all the available options, this one is the most spacious for the passengers.

On the inside, it is light grey and silver, which set the vibe of this car to be comfortable and relaxing. The super-stylish fog-lights, side-swept LED taillights, and power lock doors make this car worth every penny. As far as the pricing of this car, it is somewhat higher than the other options available in the market. However, its safety features are top-notch, making the cost seem reasonable.

The mileage of FAW V2 is quite impressive at 10KM/L. This means that you can drive around this car in the city or take it on long tours without worrying about the fuel. The only thing that you may not light about it is the finishing on the inside, which is a bit rough. Otherwise, this car would provide you with the utmost fuel efficacy and ease whole driving extensively.

7.    KIA Picanto

Manufactured by the Korean company KIA, Picanto is a relatively best option related to cars for women in Pakistan but is slowly gaining popularity over time. This car comes in two variants: the petrol engine’s significant difference. So you can choose whatever is convenient for you, automatic transmission or the turbocharged engine!

The safety features of this car are multi-focus reflector headlamps, ensuring that you drive safely during the day and the night. In addition, the 1.3 Liter DOHC engine exudes efficiency and reliability. As a result, it can perform efficiently, even during extended tours.

The interior of this car is spacious. Therefore, every person sitting in it feels an utmost level of comfort and ease.

You may not want to go for this car because of its poor resale value. Though this vehicle is quite exceptional, it still hasn’t reached the level of popularity that its other rivals have.

8.    Chevrolet Joy

A bit unpopular choice, Chevrolet Joy is undoubtedly a car you can drive around on the roads of Pakistan quite easily. The 796 cc engine ensures that it produces no sound even if you ride the vehicle on the bumpiest road possible. Its mileage is pretty impressive, around 18-22 KM/L. It means that you won’t have to find a petrol pump quite often! The fuel tank capacity is
35 L, ensuring that enough fuel stays in it to cover you for a long time!

The features of Electric Power Steering, Front Power Windows, Air Conditioner, and fuel efficiency are enough to make one buy it instantly!

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that driving on the roads of Pakistan is a challenging task! There are bumps and jolts, which the driver needs to take care of while moving around in the city. For women, there are many options of automobile available, some of which offer unique features. A firm outer body, impressive fuel efficiency, extensive mileage, and easy-to-find spare parts are some features you should look for before buying a car that a woman has to drive in Pakistan.