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6 Car Maintenance Tips for Summers

Car maintenance is challenging, but it can be way more stressful in summers. Harsh conditions in summers can affect the performance of everything, including automobiles. It would be best if you spent extra effort on your cars in the summers. In this blog, we will look at some simple yet effective car maintenance tips so you can easily take care of our car in hot and harsh weather conditions.

6 Fantastic Car Maintenance Tips for Summers

We have compiled a list of some practical tips through which you can easily maintain your car performance in the summers. Here they are:

Tip#1: Inspect the Tires and Brakes


checking tires and brakes


The two most crucial things for driving are the performance of your tires and the brake system. And weather conditions can affect both of these. Hot roads can lead to many safety issues for your tiers and brakes. To avoid these problems, you must:

  • As tiers tend to expand in summer, ensure to maintain healthy air pressure in your tires. It is also recommended to inflate your tires according to the instructions in your car’s user manual.
  • Always get your braking system inspected by a professional after a long summer trip.
  • Regularly checking the brake fluid and cleaning the wheel hub also ensures a safer and steadier barking system.

Tip#2: Check the Radiator and Coolant


checking car radiator and coolant


Radiator fluid or coolant is a mixture of water and anti-freeze and is essential to look out for in summers. A low level of coolant indicates the high temperature of your car engine. Ignoring it can end up in permanent damage to your engine. Here is how you can check radiator fluid:

  • Find the right expansion tank
  • Check the coolant level in the tank. It should be between min and max lines.
  • If its level is low, you will need to top it up.
  • If your car indicates low levels of coolants even after the top-up, then you need to take your car to a professional for an inspection.

Tip#3: Change the Filters


changing car filters


every car has four primary filters. These filters are oil filters, cabin filters, air filters, and fuel filters. The sole purpose of car filters is to block impurities and contaminations that can affect the performance of your car.

It’s better to check all your filters before summer. It can help you avoid many issues like:

  • A clogged cabin filter can affect the performance of your car’s AC and can make your cabin dusty.
  • Not changing your oil filters regularly can end up in an overheated engine.
  • Fuel filters keep your fuel from getting contaminated. Not changing it regularly can soil your car’s fuel.
  • The clogging of air filters can cause problems like black smoke and extra fuel consumption.

You must regularly check and replace your car filters to avoid these problems.

Tip#4: Test the AC


car ac testing


Air conditioning is crucial for driving in hot weather. It makes your drive comfortable in harsh weather conditions. It is why it is always advisable to test your AC before summer. Here is how you can do it:

  • You first need to start your car’s engine and turn on your AC to the max setting.
  • Check your AC compressor is running okay.
  • Also, check the pressure using a pro gauge to ensure the proper working of the car’s AC.

Tip#5: Replace Windshield Wipers


changing windshield wipers


Windshield wipers are rubber, so they tend to deteriorate and break down under constant heat and sunlight. It is why it is always advisable to change windshield wiper blades in summer so they can work effectively when needed.

Using old and worn-out wiper blades can compromise your vision quality while driving and have adverse consequences.

Tip#6: Clean or Change the Battery


car battery testing


Summers can be brutal for your car battery too. The high heat in the engine in summers can lead to corrosion in your car batteries. It’s why we always advise cleaning or changing the car battery in summer to avoid corrosion in the battery.

Final Words

Maintaining a car might be challenging, especially in summer, but taking care of your vehicle can ensure better performance and longer life.