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6 Best Car Brake Fluids/Oil 2023 in Pakistan


Brake Oil or Brake Fluids is a chemical solution in the brake system that ensures efficient braking performance by keeping the brake system cool, moist, and rust-free. Without Brake Fluid, exerting the required pressure on the brake and stopping the vehicle will be impossible. 

Certain things should be kept in mind while choosing the best Brake Fluid for your car, which include the temperature of your area, the composition of the vehicle, and the way you use it. Opting for a bad match can result in poor brake performance and ultimate damage to the car.

For your convenience, we have made a list of the best car oils popular in 2023, which are high-quality and budget-friendly.

Top Recommendations for Best Car Brake Oil/Fluids in 2023

Brake Fluid #1. Toyota Genuine Brake Fluid DOT 3


Toyota Genuine Brake Fluid DOT 3


The most highly recommended Brake Fluid is Toyota Genuine Brake Fluid DOT 3, which is suitable for all Toyota vehicles that demand DOT 3 Fluid. It has a high boiling point that ranges from 140 to 200°C. Its antioxidant properties resist rust formation in the brake system, ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience. It also prevents fluid leakage by reducing rubber swelling. Moreover, it is a cost-effective product and will go for Rs.1,170 per 354ml.

Brake Fluid #2. Mobil Universal Brake Fluid DOT 4


Mobil Universal Brake Fluid DOT 4


The next product is from the trusted Mobil – Mobil Universal Brake Fluid DOT 4 brand. Like its name, Mobil Universal Brake Fluid is a non-mineral solution, equally suitable for all local and heavy-duty vehicles that run on a DOT 4 Brake System. The product has a high boiling point, swelling-reducing agents, and anti-corrosive properties, which guarantee the longevity of the Car’s Brake System. The price of this product is Rs.2,900 per 500ml.

Brake Fluid #3. STP Synthetic Brake Fluid DOT 4


STP Synthetic Brake Fluid Dot 4


STP Synthetic Brake Fluid DOT 4 is one of Pakistan’s best car brake fluids, with a combo of efficient performance and low cost. Suitable for all DOT 4 Brake System Vehicles, STP Synthetic Brake Fluid has a high boiling point which assures the longevity of the brake system. In addition, its antioxidant nature helps prevent corrosion and protects the brake system from dysfunctioning by shunning vapor lock. The price per 354ml STP Synthetic Brake Fluid DOT 4 is Rs.1700.

Brake Fluid #4. STP Heavy-duty Brake Fluid DOT 3


STP Heavy-duty Brake Fluid DOT 3


Efficacious and affordable, STP Heavy-duty Brake Fluid DOT 3 is another high-quality Car Oil popular in 2023. With all DOT 3 running brake system vehicles, STP Heavy-duty Brake Fluid DOT 3 has a high boiling point. Moreover, due to its anti-rust formula, it helps prevent metal erosion from rust formation and avoids vapor lock, which may result in brake failure. Furthermore, STP Heavy-duty Brake Fluid DOT 3 is cost-effective, costing you Rs.950 per 354ml. 

Brake Fluid #5. Lion Super Heavy Duty DOT 3


Lion Super Heavy Duty Dot 3


Coming with Lion’s trusted name, Lion Super Heavy Duty DOT 3 is another Best Car Brake Fluid in Pakistan. Formulated with antioxidants and a high boiling point of 284°F, Lion Super Heavy Duty DOT 3 is highly suitable for local Pakistani cars and driving conditions. As the title shows, this brake fluid can go with all DOT 3 vehicles. It will cost you Rs.1,150 per 500ml.

Brake Fluid #6. KIXX Brake DOT 3


KIXX BRAKE DOT 3 brake fluid


Indeed an excellent choice for your car’s brake system, KIXX Brake DOT 3 is a perfectly formulated Car Oil highly compatible with severe weather conditions, especially for countries like Pakistan. Offering features like rust-resistance and vapor lock protection, KIXX Brake DOT 3 Car Oil can be suitable for both DOT 3 and DOT4 requirement vehicles. Moreover, on multiple surfaces, KIXX Brake DOT 3 contains lubricants that moisten the clutch system, resulting in an improved braking response. The price per 500ml KIXX Brake DOT 3 is Rs.1,780.

How to Choose the Right Brake Fluid for Your Vehicle

As we have discussed earlier, you should always consider your driving routines, car boiling point, and vehicle composition before going for a specific Brake Oil. For instance, if you have sports or any high-performance car in which the brake system heats faster, you should go for DOT 4 to DOT 5 Brake Oil. Otherwise, if you have a local vehicle with normal driving conditions, you can choose between DOT 3 and DOT 4. 

Another way to identify your car’s best match brake fluid is by reading the user manual, which clearly defines which brake oil is the most suitable for your four-wheeler.

You can also consult an automotive expert to take further guidance.

Proper Brake Fluid Maintenance and Replacement

It is essential to check the Brake Oil regularly to avoid mishaps while braking the car. Any problems with Brake Fluid can lead to slow or no braking, which may result in internal or external damage to the vehicle. Therefore, checking and maintaining the Car Oil for a smooth and efficient driving experience is crucial. 

Here are a few symptoms of Brake Oil Deterioration that must not be ignored: 

  • Slow Braking 
  • Application of extra pressure to make the pedal work 
  • Brake Lockup
  • No Braking

The average time to change the Brake Oil is every two years. Changing the Car Oil every 30 to 45,000 miles is also recommended. However, it can vary from car to car depending on the driving conditions, usage, or any casualties. 


So, today we covered all the important points regarding Car Oil, its maintenance, and the things that should be noted while choosing the right Brake Oil for your specific car. Also, we highlighted and recommended some of the Best Car Brake Fluids in Pakistan in 2023, which meet the demand of all the local Pakistani cars and driving conditions. For purchasing high-quality Car Oils and other essential car accessories, visit today, where you will find a wide range of authentic car products at reasonable prices.