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5 Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Professional Maintenance

Like our bodies, automobiles require a large amount of maintenance and care. The constant use of a car and inadequate maintenance could cause damage to them and result in substantial repair costs.

A schedule of car maintenance and monitoring the vehicle’s performance can help avoid unnecessary expenses.

You should be on the lookout for these five things if you drive a vehicle.

Unusual Vibrations and Sounds

If you’re driving a vehicle, the most irritating aspect you could encounter is unintentional vibrations and shudders, and they must be addressed before they become a major problem. Different noises mean different issues.

The whining noises of the bonnet can be caused by the worn-out cord and may cause issues ranging from overheating to battery issues.

Suppose strange sounds emanate from the exhaust due to a crack or hole within the pipe. It’s easy to repair. However, if it is not addressed in time, it could result in your exhaust pipe becoming damaged.

The metal crashing sound could indicate a broken component of your car.

Uneven engine sounds may occur if your vehicle cannot manage the mixture of fuel and air or there is a problem with the filters. You can resolve this issue by changing the fuel filter and the air filter.

All of these problems need to be addressed by a professional mechanic.


Have you noticed that liquids accumulate around the area you typically park your vehicle? Don’t overlook it. Instead, call an authorized car mechanic as quickly as you are able.

These liquid pools typically indicate that there are leaks within your vehicle. There are so many kinds of liquids used in vehicles that it is difficult for a driver of average ability to identify the cause of the issue. If it’s orange, red or yellow, brown or blue, it typically means that your vehicle tank leaks.

Some leaks are caused by cooling fluid (bright and green). If you notice brown or red, this could signify an engine oil leak. It could also suggest an issue with your brake or transmission oil.

Don’t let misfortune get in the way of getting in touch with a mechanic as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t drive around with a tank that is leaky (whatever tank is). It’s not just because it could cause more harm, but because it puts the driver at risk of injury.

Sensitive Brakes and Gears

The gearbox and brake system are the most utilized part of a vehicle. They frequently undergo wear and tear, making them more susceptible to malfunctioning. Gear and brake issues are easily identified and fixable in the early stages. Sometimes your car only needs brake oil for a smooth ride. Get the best brake oil for the car, and voila, problem solved.

A few common issues could be vibrations during gear changes or noise when you press the brakes.

This could be due to damaged discs and pads, a suspension issue, and difficulty in steering. These signs usually occur because of tires’ wear; therefore, make sure your tires have 1.6mm tread and check your Steering oil.

Steering Struggles

Are you finding your steering wheel getting a grip? Are your turns becoming less stable or smoother?

This could indicate a major issue with the steering system, such as the fluid in your power steering is low or a different issue.

Any problem that impacts your ability to steer your vehicle must be addressed, and you must take your car to a professional auto shop.

Smoke is Never a Good Thing

It is essential never to ignore smoke, whether it’s coming from your car’s air filter, front side, or rear end. It is not a good idea to be in a situation where the car is emitting smoke.

Smoke from the underside of the hood is a typical indication of an overheated engine. It could be due to the gauge of your coolant running dry.

There’s a chance that you did not pay focus on the puff of white smoke that emanated out of your tailpipe, which could have caused your engine to overheat.

Whatever the situation, a car with a smoke smell requires immediate attention from an expert in auto repair. Keep driving your car, and you could be causing severe damage to your engine.

If you’re driving and your vehicle starts to emit smoke, pull it over. Stop the car and let your engine cool down. While waiting, you can contact an experienced mechanic who can assist you in determining the cause and repair.


While the owner can identify a few problems with car fuel filters, car ac filters, and car oil filters, others require more serious and immediate professional help. In such cases, you should take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Use the best engine oil and car engine cleaner and never compromise on the quality of products.

Certain parts may require replacement, fluids like car engine oil will need replenishment, and general care and maintenance must be completed. So, make a car maintenance checklist and ensure you take your car in for a checkup today!