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23 Carbon Fiber Accessories for Your Civic 2022-2023

Car accessories are essential when it comes to car detailing. Whether you want to change the look of your car inside out or secure it a bit more, car interior and exterior accessories are always there to help. These accessories are available in a wide range of materials. Today, we will talk about 23 Civic Carbon Fiber Accessories that will help you boost the elegance and grace of your Honda Civic and provide extra security. Before that, let us know about carbon fiber and what makes it a prior choice for car enthusiasts.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a synthetic, cloth-like material made of carbon molecules. It is glued together layer by layer to form a thick sheet, which then is used in making zillions of items, including car accessories. There are many reasons one should choose carbon fiber over any other material. The first one is its lightweightness, which automatically enhances car performance. Another thing is it is super strong, even more than steel! Also, it has heat-absorbent properties, which makes it a suitable choice for car accessories, especially for areas with extreme weather conditions.

23 Honda Civic 2023 Carbon Fiber Accessories

So now, let us talk about 23 carbon fiber Civic interior accessories and civic exterior accessories exclusively designed to fit your Honda Civic 2022-2023:

1. Side Splitters

Civic Side Splitters Carbon Fiber 22-23

Civic exterior car accessory, Side Splitters, made of high-quality ABS plastic, all suitable for Honda Civic 11th Generation and all former models. The installation can be done with a screwdriver and is super easy. The set includes two pieces of carbon fiber side splitters.

2. RS Trunk Spoiler

Civic RS Trunk Spoiler Carbon Fiber 22-23

Next is the high-quality plastic-made Civic RS Trunk Spoiler, the best match for the Honda Civic 2022-2023 to enhance the boldness of your car trunk, and comes with easy manual installation.

3. Rear Bumper Side Splitters

Civic Rear Bumper Side Splitters Carbon Fiber 22-23

To enhance the aggressiveness of the Bumper, consider installing Civic Rear Bumper Side Splitters compatible with all Civic models. These splitters are fabricated with high-quality carbon fiber. The product has a super fine finish with scratch-resistant properties.

4. Mugen Style / V1 Style Front Bumper Splitter

civic Mugen v1-Style Front Bumper Splitter 22-23

Mugen Style Front Bumper Splitter, the best choice for the Honda Civic 2023, is another essential carbon fiber civic exterior accessory. 

It comes with a package of 3. The product is finely fabricated with best-quality ABS and can quickly be manually seated.

5. Hood Trim

civic 22-23 carbon fiber hood trim

Now, starting with civic interior accessories comes the carbon fiber Hood Trim. Its high-quality polymer makes it an excellent option for food safety. The product is fit for all current Civic variants with user-friendly installation.

6. Inner Door Arm Cover

civic inner door arm cover 22-23 carbonfiber

Durability, anti-corrosive, and heat-resistance properties outclass civic carbon fiber Inner Door Arm Cover more than the rest. The product is self-adhesive and compatible with all civic models. The package includes four pieces of break-resistant Inner Door Arm Cover.

7. FC Gear Knob

civic carbon fiber gear knob 22-23

This self-adhesive and easy-to-install FC Gear Knob is the finest selection for giving your Civic a fierce yet classy look. It is made with superior-quality material. The product is unbreakable and fits the Honda Civic 2022 and 2023. 

8. Gear Panel Side Cover

civic 22-23 gear panel sider cover carbon fiber

This self-adhesive, durable, and premium-quality Gear Panel Side Cover is a must-have for your Civic 2022/23. Besides giving the gear panel a more sporty look, it is heat-absorbent and unbreakable. 

9. Trunk Garnish

civic 22-23 trunk garnish carbonfiber

The glossy carbon fiber Trunk Garnish is here to increase the grace of your Civic trunk. Compatible with Civic 2023 and all previous models, the product is long-lasting and best fit as a Rear Garnish with 100 percent security guaranteed.

10. Steering Trim

civic 22-23 steering trim carbon fiber

Crack resistance, grime repulsion, and durability, along with a sleek and classy steering appearance, make carbon fiber steering trim a necessary civic interior accessory. A fit for all Civic variants, the product comes in a package of 3 and requires professional installation.

11. Side View Mirror Covers

civic 22-23 side view mirror cover

It fits as the original Side View Mirror Cover and provides the utmost security to your Civic Side View Mirror besides improving aesthetics. The product is manufactured with premium-quality ABS plastic and demands manual installation.

12. Side Mirror Cover Batman Style

civic side mirror cover batman style

Next among Civic exterior accessories is the carbon fiber Side Mirror Cover Batman Style, which best improves the front aesthetics of your Civic. It is scratch and dirt-resistant, is of excellent quality, and provides guaranteed security to Civic Side Mirrors.

13. Reflector Trims

civic 22-23 reflector trims carbonfiber

Installed on the Rear Bumper, carbon fiber Reflector Trims are an excellent add-on to your Civic’s overall safety and aesthetic appeal. It comes in a package of 2. The product is created for the Honda Civic 2022-2023, requiring professional installation. 

14. Power Window Trim

civic 22-23 power window trim carbonfiber

Power Window Trim is another exciting civic interior accessory compatible with the Civic 2022-23 model. Finely fabricated with smooth ABS plastic, the product is anti-corrosive, comes in 4 pieces, and requires manual installation.

15. Quarter Louvers

civic 22-23 quarter louvers carbonfiber

Installing carbon fiber Quarter Louvers is a great way to enhance car handle security and magnificence. The two-piece sleek black Quarter Louvers are scratch-resistant and compatible with the Honda Civic 2023 model.

16. Rear Reading Light Cover

civic 22-23 rear reading light cover carbon fiber

The high-quality vinyl Rear Reading Light Cover is the best choice for enhancing your Civic’s boldness. This break-resistant and anti-fade cover fits Civic 11th Generation and follows simple manual installation.

17. Inner Door Handle Trim

civic 22-23 inner door handle trim carbonfiber

The 11th Generation fit, heat-absorbent, premium-quality glossy Inner Door Handle Trims are a perfect finish for your Civic interior decor. The product is self-adhesive, anti-corrosive, and easy to install.

18. Gear Box Trim

civic 22-23 gear box trim carbonfiber

This excellent grade, smooth Gear Box Trim is exclusively designed to boost the grace of your 11th-generation Honda Civic. It provides thorough security to the gear panel besides improving aesthetics.

19. Fog Lamps Trim

civic 22-23 fog lamps trim carbonfiber

These beautiful Civic Fog Lamp Trims are essential to give your Civic 2023 decor a final touch. With a sleek black carbon fiber finish, these trims are of the utmost grade and easy to install.

20. Door Handle Covers

civic 22-23 door handle covers carbonfiber

Break resistance, durability, and refinement are the factors setting apart Civic Door Handle Covers. The carbon-fiber-finished, ABS plastic-made covers are specially designed for the Civic 2023 model and below and are super easy to install.

21. Door Handle Bowls

civic 22-23 door handle bowls carbonfiber

A perfect fit for all Civic variants, these Door Handle Bowls are here to provide maximum safety with the strength of carbon fiber. It comes in a pack of 4. The product is safe to use with simple installation. 

22. Arm Rest Cover

civic 22-23 armrest cover carbonfiber

Nothing can beat the comfort level of this leather Armrest Cover with a finish of carbon fiber. UV ray protection makes the product easy to clean and requires professional installation.

 23. AC Panel Cover

civic 22-23 ac panel cover carbonfiber

Last, how can one forget the anti-erosive and heat-resistant Civic AC Panel Cover to enhance the front interior? The self-adhesive product has a carbon fiber finish compatible with the Honda Civic 2022-2023.

Final Thoughts:

Installing Carbon Fiber Civic interior and exterior accessories is always better than going for steel or any other option, as it is more durable and aesthetically pleasing. So, it would be best to opt for Carbon Fiber when you purchase Honda Civic Accessories. To buy these or any other Civic Accessories, visit today. Have a safe drive!